Privacy Policy

VERSION: 2021.10.01

UPDATED: October 1, 2021


This Privacy Policy communicates how the Unknown Depths Collaboration and Unknown Depths, S Corp (“Unknown Depths,” and “Manifestation Card Creation Source” [Manifestation CCS]) (collectively, “we,” “us,” and “our”) collects, maintains, uses, and discloses information about users (each, a “User”) in connection to content, services, products, and creations used and accessed through our communications (e.g., emails, text messages, phone calls, etc) and website (collectively, the “Service”).

You agree to our collection, maintenance, usage, and disclosure of information about you, as detailed in this Privacy Policy, when you use and/or access the Service.

We may amend, modify, and/or update this Privacy Policy. Any such amendment, modification, and/or update will be effective (30) days following either our communication of a notice to you, or our posting of the amendment, modification, and/or update on the Service. We will also indicate at the top of this page the date that such amendments, modifications, and/or updates were last made. If you do not agree to any change to the Privacy Policy you must discontinue using the Service. You understand and agree that your continued use of or access to the Service after the effective date of amendments, modifications, and/or updates represents your acceptance of such changes.

We may translate this Privacy Policy into other languages for your convenience. Regardless of the language this policy has been translated to, the English version governs your relationship with Manifestation CCS and your use of and access to the Service. Any inconsistencies among the different versions will be resolved in favor of the English version available here.


We may store, collect, and/or transmit/share information about you in connection with your use of and/or access to the Service, not excluding information you send to or through the Service. The information we attain from you may be used to maintain the Service (including system backups and disaster recovery), enhance the Service, research and analyze the usage and access of the Service, send information to you pertaining to the Service, assist you with issues related to the Service, personalize your use of the Service, improve Service security, send marketing collateral to Play-Testing Event Venue users, and comply with legal obligations. In cases where we do not retain information, the information will still be initially transmitted to our server and remain on the server long enough to be processed.

  1. Account Information: All Users (Print Business, Event Venue, and Designer) who create an account at must provide Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number, Business Email Address, Venue Name, Venue Address, Venue Phone Number, Venue Email Address, First Name, and/or Last Name information to complete the subscription and/or registration process. In addition and optionally, we encourage Print Business and Event Venue Users to include Representative First and Last Name, Representative Phone Number, and Representative Email Address information. This information is stored and specific pieces of information are used to populate information on certain User-focused and/or User-created pages making up the Website. Business Representative information is stored and collected by Manifestation CCS and used/shared for the express purposes of sending, mailing, delivering, and/or shipping Manifestation CCS Marketing Collateral to Event Venues from Manifestation CCS, or to Event Venues from subscribed Print Business Users and the communications required to plan the logistics of such activities. This information may be incorporated with other User information when accessing or displaying inter-site communications between Users. In most cases it is the User’s option to publicly display their first and/or last name or display their Business Name, Venue Name, or Screen Name. Account Information can be changed after its initial inclusion on the Website by accessing the Edit Account section of the User Backend. If you believe a fraudulent account was created using your personal information you can report it for removal by sending us the URL of the Print Business Listing, Play-Testing Spot Event, or User Profile page through our Contact page.

  2. Public Content: The Service and Website are designed to allow public consumption of user content, not limited to text/writings, images, videos, comments, discussions, card projects, and edits. This makes the specified forms of content observable by the public. Your account profile information (e.g., business name, venue name, screen name, business email address, venue email address, email address, business phone number, venue phone number, and phone number) is also intended for public consumption, along with activities you conduct through the site, which may include: following users, adding users to your Favorites, viewing Printer Listings, viewing Play-Testing Spot event listings, making reservations for Play-Testing Spot events, listing card projects, listing Play-Testing Spots and events, listing Print Businesses, and sponsoring card templates.

  3. Communications: Upon completing the subscription and/or registration process you are agreeing to receive communications sent by users, businesses, and Manifestation CCS. There are no cases where you can opt-out of receiving transactional, administrative, or legal messages from Manifestation CCS. Actions you make while interacting with messages through the Service may be tracked and/or recorded by Manifestation CCS (e.g., opening, closing, forwarding, and/or deleting messages) and shared with other parties involved in your messaging (e.g., allowing users to know whether or their message was viewed by you). We may store, process, deliver, and allow you to manage messages exchanged between you and others through the Service. We may also review and disclose messages exchanged by you and others through the Service should any investigations related to the use of the Service occur, and should any needs arise to enhance and/or modify the Service. Messages we determine to be objectionable, fraudulent solicitations, or requests for paid promotions, may not be delivered or received through the Service. Should messages be sent through the Service via SMS text message, we may log information related to the exchange such as phone numbers, phone carrier, and the date and time the messages were processed. You may be charged for texts you receive from the Service by your carrier. Information you provide through communications to us such as phone calls, letters, emails and other electronic messages, or in-person may be stored by us. Any businesses and/or business representative contact information you add to the Service, provide to us, make publicly available, or that we have on record, may be used by us to contact you by phone call, email or other electronic messaging, and/or mail. We may monitor and record communications with you, including phone calls, for quality purposes.

  4. Transactions: When transactions are made through the Service, such as purchasing a sponsored template, purchasing a subscription, or making a reservation; the information you provide in relation to processing the transaction will be collected and stored (this includes name, phone number, email, payment information, and any other information you provide) in order to process the transaction, deliver communications about the transaction to you, and facilitate future transactions. Such information may be shared between us and third parties for the same purposes. Credit and/or Debit card, and other sensitive payment information submitted through the Service will by encrypted using advanced encryption technology.

  5. Activity: Manifestation CCS collects and stores information related to your use of the Service such as your login times and dates, pages you viewed, reservations you make, events you add to your calendar, purchases, and/or transactions. We also collect and store information pertaining to the devices and connections you use to access the Service such as operating system, device type (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and others), web browser, IP address, location, WiFi information such as SSID, unique device identifier, mobile carrier, phone number, and requested and referring URLs. Information may be collected and stored if our Service is used or accessed through a mobile program, even when the program is running in the background if you enable our mobile program to access such information throughout your use of or access to the Service. Many devices and browsers may allow you to limit or prevent our Service’s access to certain forms of your location information.

  6. Different Devices: Using the Service across different devices (for instance mobile devices or personal computers) and/or different platforms (such as or Manifestation CCS’ mobile program) will result in our collection and storage of information pertaining to such devices and platforms. Information contributed to the Service through these different devices and platforms may be cross-referenced and/or combined, and will typically be accessible and observable in similar ways across the devices and platforms you use to use and/or access the Service.


Manifestation CCS and certain third party partners may use cookies, web beacons, local shared objects (such as Flash and HTML5), scripts, tags, and other similar or relevant technologies (“Cookies”) in relation to your use of the Service, third party websites, and mobile programs. Cookies may hold unique identifiers, and be stored on your personal computer or mobile device, amongst other places, on our web pages, and in emails we send to you. Information connected to your use of and/or access to the Service such as your IP address, search preferences, browser type, and/or date and time of use may be transmitted through Cookies. Cookies may be retained or held for limited or individual sessions.

Cookies are utilized by the Service to achieve the following:

  1. Process Execution and Maintenance: Cookies were designed to allow the Service to function in expected manners. An example would be using Cookies to load IP address location information to display print business and play-testing spot event tiles relevant to your location.

  2. Verification, Safeguarding, and Compliance: Cookies are used to protect you from fraud, prevent your data from being accessed by unauthorized parties, and to adhere to legal requirements and standards. An example would be using Cookies to discern whether or not you are logged in.

  3. Preferences: Cookies can allow the Service to set the appearance and functions you prefer to experience while using the Service. An example would be toggling the map functionality off on a search page and returning to that search page later to find the map functionality remains off.

  4. Notifications: Cookies make it so that certain notifications appear or not, in ways we believe will enhance your use of the Service. An example would be a Card Project Designer clicking an “Add to Calendar” button on a Play-Testing Spot event page and adding the event to their calendar as opposed to being directed to login.

  5. Analytics: Cookies assist us with understanding how you use the Service. An example would be observing the correlation between location searches and Print Business listing or Play-Testing Spot event listing views.


Manifestation CCS grants the following third parties access to your information as follows:

  1. Service Providers: We rely on third party service providers to provide services to us in connection with your use of the Service. Some of these services may include, payment processing, Service usage analytics, Service maintenance, communications and hosting, technical and customer support, and others. We share information attained from you or about you with third party partners in order to facilitate the services needed to fulfill your requests. An example of this would be transmitting payment details from the Service to our payment processor (PayPal) to automate monthly and yearly Print Business subscription payments. It may be possible to limit our access to some of your information through your mobile device, personal computer, and/or internet browser settings. In turn, Manifestation CCS’ third party service providers may share or make available, information about you with us, in connection with providing their services or fulfilling your requests.

  2. Content Partners: We allow third party partners to use and display some of the public content available through the Service, such as your photos, text, and other content listed as “Public Content” in section I. B above.

  3. Businesses on Manifestation CCS: We may share information attained from you or about you (such as your name, email, and/or phone number) and information related to your use of the Service, with businesses (Print Businesses and Play-Testing Spot Businesses) on Manifestation CCS. Also know that businesses will receive information attained from you or about you when you transact or communicate with them, through Manifestation CCS or otherwise, regardless of your mobile device, personal computer, and/or internet browser settings (some examples of such interaction would be making a reservation with a Play-Testing Spot or adding a Play-Testing Spot event to your calendar).

  4. Collective or Anonymous Information: We share collective information with third parties, such as Print Businesses listed on Manifestation CCS and digital product/creation download information. For example, we disclose the number of Print Businesses being promoted through the Service, the cumulative number of Sponsored Template downloads, and other such information derived from the collective of Users.

  5. Links: The Service may link to third-party controlled websites such as a Play-Testing Spot’s URL or external sites providing digital download services like Payloadz. Not excluding what has been determined herein, Manifestation CCS does not share your personal information with such third-parties, nor are we responsible for their privacy practices.

  6. Investigations and Legal Disclosures: You may be investigated and information about you may be disclosed if 1.) law enforcement or legal processes force our compliance, with tools such a search warrant, judicial proceeding, subpoena, statute, or other law enforcement or legal process request; 2.) it assists in identifying, preventing, and/or investigating possible misconduct in connection with the Service; or 3.) such actions aid us in safeguarding our rights, property, reputation, or that of our users, affiliates, or the public, such as Reporting activity through a listing’s Report button. Should you Report or make a complaint to us about any content made available through the Service, we may share the substance of your complaint with the content contributor so that the contributor may respond to the Report or complaint.

  1. Data/Information Storage: We utilize industry standard data collection and storage practices combined with security measures to store data/information contributed to, and making up the Service. Our California, USA based server is managed by us and third-party service providers. Part of our concerted effort to protect your information involves working with subcontractors and third-party service providers who we find to maintain high levels and standards of data security practices.

  2. Data/Information Transmission: Data/information that we transmit is safeguarded by security and access controls, which include username and password authentication and data encryption where appropriate.


A. To close your account visit your Account page, navigate to the Delete Account section, enter your password, and click the DELETE ACCOUNT button. When you close your account we remove certain posts from public view and/or disassociate them from your account and profile, but we may retain information about you for reasons permitted in this Privacy Policy. For instance, in cases where we need or are required to investigate, identify, or prevent possible malfeasance related to the use of and/or access to the Service or to comply with legal obligations, we may access retained information. Backup/duplicate copies of your personal information may also be retained in our systems.

  1. The Service is intended for general audiences and is not suitable for children under 13 years of age. No person under 13 years of age is permitted to use or access the Service. We do not knowingly collect personal data/information from persons under the age of 13 without parental consent. Contact us here concerning any person under the age of 13 providing us with their personal information without parental consent. Should we learn that any person under the age of 13 has provided us with personal information without parental consent, we will remove such information and terminate the account(s) linked to said information.

  1. Manifestation CCS does not and will not sell your personal information. Our business model is not reliant upon and will never include the sale of users’ personal information to any entity. We also do not and will not offer any entity financial incentives involving the use, access, disclosure, or collection of your personal information.

  2. Manifestation CCS collects different types of personal information when you use the Service. For details about the types of information we collect see section I. DATA/INFORMATION WE MAY COLLECT AND HOW IT MAY BE USED. For details about the types of information collected by our third-party partners see section III. THIRD PARTIES.

  3. Residents of California have the right to request to know what personal information has been collected about them. Residents of California also have the right to request deletion of their personal information; however the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 provides exceptions that may allow Manifestation CCS to retain and use certain personal information despite receiving a deletion request from a California resident. Send any and all deletion requests to: No discrimination will take place on our part towards California residents for exercising their rights under the CCPA.

  4. Nevada law (SB 220) necessitates that website operators provide ways for Nevada consumers to opt out of the sale of certain information the website operator may collect about them. Manifestation CCS does not and will not sell your personal information. Our business model is not reliant upon and will never include the sale of users’ personal information to any entity. Send any questions or concerns pertaining to our data privacy practices or our compliance with Nevada data privacy law to: